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Free Android Web App/Mobile Site for Restaurants

Recently created a basic Android web app/mobile-friendly site for a hypothetical restaurant, Ristorante Generico (you probably don’t need Google translate to figure that one out).Check it out on your Android phone here. UPDATE: So, free web hosting comes with a price – after some time of inactivity, all my content was removed. Contact me if you care to see the app, I’ve got the files saved elsewhere.

App features:

  • Time aware – open/closed status – the hypothetical restaurant is open 12:00-22:00 M-F,  15:00-22:00 on Saturday, closed Sunday. If the restaurant is closed, it will display a red indicator and a notice of when the restaurant will open again. If the restaurant is open, it will display a green indicator and say “Open.” Also, just realized that it is client based, so if you look at it in the wrong time zone, it will probably be wrong. Defect# 0001, haha!
  • Call button – will dial the hypothetical restaurant’s phone number. Works on Android (and hypothetically on any device that accepts the “tel: 01234567890” URI), does not work on iOS devices (yet).
  • Map button – has a Google Map reference, will open whatever your map application is and supply the address. Works on Android, does not work on iOS devices (yet; again, a URI discrepancy between Android and iOS, could easily be accommodated if someone is interested).
  • Menu – clicking the menu button takes you to the menu screen with three buttons for appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Clicking one of the buttons will open an overlay. Once the overlay is open, click anywhere off of the overlay to close it.
Apps Main Screen

Main screen of app. 5 images move right to left as a slideshow. Status below restaurant name, buttons on the bottom of app.

Menu screen of app. Bottom buttons have disappeared, three buttons for menu item types. Clicking a button will open an overlay.

Entree overlay popup. The content is scrollable if the list of items is too large to fit on the screen. Clicking off of the overlay will close it.

Created this app using Sencha Touch 1.1, CSS, and HTML. If you’re interested in modifying, using, or just exploring the application, feel free to download it – again, my cheap hosting took down my site. Contact me if you would like a copy of the files, will update this once I have more concrete hosting.

UPDATE:After testing on some other phones… well, let’s just say this app/site only truly renders correctly on an HTC EVO 4G or phones with similar screens. A few too many static width objects. I’ll be sure to repost if/when I make update the code to be more dynamic. Thanks to all who at least checked it out!

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